Our Story

Bringing Rich and Delicious TCM-Based Diet TO You Everyday


At Rejuven, we are committed to providing wholesome and nourishing meals that support the health and well-being of our customers. We believe that food is not just fuel, but a powerful source of healing and vitality, and we strive to create meals that are both delicious and nutritious. Our mission is to make TCM diets accessible and convenient for all so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of this ancient healing tradition in their daily lives.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of TCM meals in Singapore, recognized for our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We aim to inspire and educate our customers about the benefits of TCM, and to create a community of health-conscious individuals who share our passion for nourishing food. We believe that by offering delicious and nutritious TCM diets, we can help people to achieve their health and wellness goals and live their best lives.


Our purpose is to promote the benefits of TCM and provide accessible and convenient TCM meal options to meet the diverse dietary needs of our customer base in Singapore. We believe that TCM is a powerful approach for preventing and treating a wide range of health conditions and that by incorporating TCM principles into our meals, we can help our customers to optimize their health and well-being.

Our Research Team

Our research team consists of highly qualified TCM practitioners who have been in the scene for many years. Their immense knowledge and expertise are gradually shaping the future of medicine and wellness care.


Dr. Lee graduated from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Singapore registered TCM practitioner board.


Dr. He is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist in Singapore.


Dr. Liu Yang graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Singapore registered TCM Practitioner Board.


Dr. Lian graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Singapore registered TCM Practitioner Board.


Dr. Chen graduated from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a registered TCM practitioner in Singapore.


Dr. Lee graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

Executive Chef


Chef Gordon Wang is a highly respected guru by his peers in the culinary arts industry. He is famously known for adopting TCM knowledge in cooking delicious, nutritious meals that benefits health.

His vast experience and deep expertise extend many years of whipping excellent herbal delights, include heading a prestigious establishment in Taipei. Gordon’s most prioritized value in his craft is about achieving the right taste, and the right desired effect to give the best dish. This ethics is how he shows excellence and rigour when leading his team in the preparation of more than 100 meals per day.

We are grateful to have Chef Gordon in our house. Gordon is a true believer that health is our first wealth. Along with us, he continues to build healthy communities by promoting the awareness of healthy eating.

"Take good care of your body and it will take good care of you."

The Founders


The founders of Rejuven, Mr Andy Kok started their first food and beverage business called RichFood in 2000. Since then, their venture has covered retail outlets, kopitiam, cafe and food catering service. As they were known as the F&B “gurus”, their friends and relatives have proposed to them an idea to venture beyond. They requested Andy to provide confinement meals delivery service due to the hassle of finding suitable and accessible meals during the confinement period. Inspired by this idea, they consulted Yong Kang TCM and started researching to draft out a healthy confinement meal menu. Within 6 months, Andy have successfully rolled out its very first set of commercial confinement meals in 2005 and established a new company under RichFood called NouRiche.

NouRiche has grown leaps and bounds since then and they continue to improve the menu throughout the years. Years of hard work have finally made NouRiche a trusted brand for providing reliable confinement meals delivery. Andy also decided to park NouRiche under the arm of the RichFood group to incorporate TCM into functional food. With this experience, they were driven to innovate a new product line that promotes wellness and nourishing TCM based meals. Hence, Rejuven Singapore by RichFood was born.

Being able to partner with Yong Kang TCM is a blessing to the company as they can provide the vast knowledge tailored to TCM based menu to fulfill different needs from customers. Rejuven also provides meals specially designed for cancer, diabetics and stroke patients. By making this move, they believe this will benefit the large aging population in Singapore and other Asian countries.


The founder of Refresh Group, Mr. Elson Lee, has started his entrepreneurship journey in 2003 after gaining unexpected health benefits at a reflexology center. He always believes that natural and non-invasive methods are the best way to improve overall health. Hence, his purpose in establishing his first-foot reflexology outlet in Compass Point is to cultivate a healthy Singapore with ancient natural methods. In fact, venturing into the reflexology business was a risk for him as he has zero knowledge about reflexology science.

However, there was a quote saying “Fortune Favors The Bold”, Elson did it anyway without a doubt about his idea and mission. After achieving massive success in the reflexology business, Elson went on to dive into Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He established Yong Kang TCM and employed over 20 highly internationally trained TCMPB registered physicians to provide convenient, affordable, responsible, and effective TCM treatment services to people. More than 2 million clients are treated by applying our modern TCM techniques.

With years of effort and experience, Refresh Group has gained a firm foothold in the TCM industry. This makes Elson decided to provide wellness and nourishing TCM-based meals by establishing Rejuven together with Nigel and Andy.

Refresh Group is now one of Singapore’s largest TCM wellness groups with 4 business divisions that operate across 10 locations islandwide. Their core interests are focused on TCM clinic, TCM facial, TCM foot spa, TCM food, and TCM hair care center. Elson will never be satisfied with the status quo, and he is consistently learning, upgrading, and adapting TCM practices under medical research while looking for the possibility to develop various TCM healthcare services at the same time.

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